2016 Occupational Therapy Student Research Day Posters – Downloadable pdf Files

  1. Oyoana Allende
    Reintegration Experiences of a Combat Wounded Veteran and His Family
  2. Julia Bermel
    Nighttime Activities of a Family with Adolescent Children: A Photo-Elicitation Case Study
  3. Caryn Biglow
    A Male Caregiver’s Experience of Mealtimes 
  4. Michelle Christopher
    Children’s Perception of Therapy
  5. Rebekah Bhavani Crisp
    Occupational Therapists’ Use of Being Present in End-Of-Life Care 
  6. Aaron Dallman
    Understanding Patients’ Transition Choices for their Children with Intellectual Disabilities

  7. Stephanie Davis
    Are We There Yet: A Look into the Vacationing Process & Meaningful Experiences for an Interracial Family
  8. Tyler Dunn
    Implicit Strategies within Environmental Contexts of Same-Sex Parents
  9. Anna George
    Co-Sleeping as a Family Occupation: Perspectives of an American Family
  10. Rachel Hatchell
    Perspectives of Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Transitioning to Employment
  11. Emily Hopper
    How do Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Their Families Experience Post-Secondary Transition?
  12. Lauren Jones
    Occupational Therapy in Post-secondary Transition: Barriers, Strategies, & Experiences
  13. Erin Mooneyham – Best Practices vs. Reality: Student-centeredness in Post-secondary Transition Planning 
  14. Katy Norris
    Teen Sport Participation in Single Parent Families
  15. Lauren Proctor
    What Parents Want: Informed Pediatric Occupational Therapy
  16. Emma Rosenthal
    Developing Trust as a Novice Occupational Therapist

  17. Sarah Shapiro
    Serving Those Who Have Served: Key Interpersonal Approaches to Occupational Therapy with Modern Combat Veterans
  18. Jamie L. Stiller
    Family Bedtime Practices and Changing Family Dynamics
  19. Benjamin Triplett
    Humility, Power, and the Therapeutic Relationship
  20. Lindsay Voorhees
    Working it Out: Employee Experiences of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities