2016 Occupational Therapy Student Posters – pdf

Stephanie Davis – Are We There Yet: A Look into the Vacationing Process & Meaningful Experiences for an Interracial Family

Erin Mooneyham – Best Practices vs. Reality: Student-centeredness in Post-secondary Transition Planning

Michelle Christopher – Children’s Perception of Therapy

Anna George – Co-Sleeping as a Family Occupation: Perspectives of an American Family

Emma Rosenthal – Developing Trust as a Novice Occupational Therapist

Jamie L. Stiller – Family Bedtime Practices and Changing Family Dynamics

Emily Hopper – How do Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Their Families Experience Post-Secondary Transition?

Benjamin Triplett – Humility, Power, and the Therapeutic Relationship

Tyler Dunn – Implicit Strategies within Environmental Contexts of Same-Sex Parents

Caryn Biglow – A Male Caregiver’s Experience of Mealtimes

Julia Bermel – Nighttime Activities of a Family with Adolescent Children: A Photo-Elicitation Case Study

Rebekah Bhavani Crisp – Occupational Therapists’ Use of Being Present in End-Of-Life Care

Lauren Jones – Occupational Therapy in Post-secondary Transition: Barriers, Strategies, & Experiences

Rachel Hatchell – Perspectives of Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Transitioning to Employment

Oyoana Allende – Reintegration Experiences of a Combat Wounded Veteran and His Family

Sarah Shapiro – Serving Those Who Have Served: Key Interpersonal Approaches to Occupational Therapy with Modern Combat Veterans

Katy Norris – Teen Sport Participation in Single Parent Families

Aaron Dallman – Understanding Patients’ Transition Choices for their Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Lauren Proctor – What Parents Want: Informed Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Lindsay Voorhees – Working it Out: Employee Experiences of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities