“Occupation Matters” speaks to the concept of occupations as everyday activities that exist in specific contexts (e.g., times and places), connect us socially, have personal and cultural meanings, and become part of our identities. The exhibit offers insights into occupation through the use of photographs and quotes, and provides a deeper understanding of how essential occupation is to our everyday lives.  The benefits and necessity of occupational therapy become clear when considering the difficulties faced by those who have had their occupations interrupted by disadvantage, illness or injury.

The exhibit is on display in the South Columbia Street entrance foyer of the HSL. This companion blog version of the exhibit (https://hslosotexhibit.wordpress.com/) is intended to compliment the physical exhibit and become the permanent online exhibit. It will include interviews, links to related resources, and a place for alumni and other viewers to share their experiences with the exhibit and the library.  Both exhibits are a collaborative effort of HSL staff and the DOSOT faculty.

Blog design and photography: Robert Ladd
Blog Editors: Robert Ladd and Barbara Renner

The HSL Liaison to Allied Health Sciences is Barbara Renner.



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